1. Sept. 11, 1974 - Lou Brock of the St. Louis Cardinals set a new major league baseball record when he stole his 105th base of the season.

    1) The St. Louis Cardinals’ Lou Brock sets a major league record of 105 stolen bases in a single season with this slide into second base during Tuesday night’s game with Philadelphia in St. Louis, Missouri, September 11, 1974. Shortstop Larry Bowa didn’t get the throw from catcher Bob Boone in time. Earlier in the game, Brock tied Maury Wills’ 1962 record of 104. (AP Photo)

    2) Lou Brock, who set a major league record by stealing his 105th base September 10, 1974, thanks the crowd at Busch Stadium as James “Cool Papa” Bell raises his hands to silence the cheers by calling Brock “the greatest”.  The second base stolen by Brock to set the record was presented to him during a halt in the game with Philadelphia. (AP Photo)

    3) St. Louis Cardinals base stealing Lou Brock has his own fan club in the Cards left field bleachers, August 11, 1974.  T-shirts with LOU! LOU! LOU! written on them are now being seen around the stadium as Brock closes in on the stolen base record.  Brock now has 77 stolen bases for the year and 712 career.  These young members of the Brock fan club are from the St. Louis area.  (AP Photo)

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