1. Sept. 3, 1970 - Vince Lombardi died.

    1) Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi is carried off Lambeau Field on the shoulders of fullback Jimmy Taylor, left, and Paul Hornung after winning the NFL championship from the Cleveland Browns 23-12 in Green Bay, Wis., on Jan. 2, 1966.  (AP Photo)

    2) Green Bay head football coach Vince Lombardi put on this face protector in Green Bay as he put his Packer squad through a workout in temperatures below zero, Dec. 28, 1961. The Packers will meet the New York Giants in title game on December 31. (AP Photo)

    3) Vince Lombardi (40), a guard on the Fordham University football team, poses in 1935 at an unknown location.  (AP Photo)


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